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Choose either heads or tails, select a bet amount, 50% chance of winning and doubling your bet or losing it all.

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Satoshi Printer Coin Flip Rules
  • Draws are set to a 50/50 chance of HEADS or TAILS winning.
  • Pick the same face as the one the smart contract flips, and you win the coin flip. If you win, the smart contract sends you back double your bet amount during the same transaction.
  • Pick the opposite face as the one the smart contract flips, and you lose the coin flip. If you lose, the smart contract keeps your bet.
  • The bigger the smart contract balance, the bigger the allowed bet amount. This is so the smart contract balance does not get emptied after a few lucky flips in a row.

View Satoshi Printer Coin Flip Smart Contract in explorer: 0x952C2afAA50024273Ce46Bb36d0C0508f6522CF9


Bet Amount

Select a bet amount. Max bet amount is capped based on smart contract balance.

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